Adding multiple books per post

You can easily add multiple pieces of book information per post. This is perfect for doing mini reviews.

Step #1: Enable multiple books

First you need to make sure that you have the multiple books feature enabled. It is enabled by default, but go to your Ultimate BB » Book Information settings to double check. It should be switched to "On", as shown below:

Step 2: Create (or edit) a post

Then, go to Posts » Add New to create a new post (or edit an existing one). You will see the main UBB fields at the top, as usual. Fill these out for your first book. If you have the setting turned on to automatically display book info, this is the book information that will be added to the top of your post automatically.

Step #2: Adding a second book

To add your second book, keep scrolling down until you see a new section titled Book 1. This title is a little deceptive, because it is actually the second book—not the first.

This section has the exact same book information fields. You can fill these out as well to add a second book.

Step #3: Displaying the second set of book information

That second set of book information is not shown automatically. You have to use a shortcode to display it in the post. To do that, you type this shortcode exactly where you want the information to appear in your post:

[book-info number="1"]

That number 1 should correspond to the number that's in the book section's heading. So remember how it said Book 1 before? That's how you know to put a 1 in the number parameter.

Step #3: Adding a third book

To add a third book, scroll all the way down to the bottom and find the "Add Book" button. Click that to add another row of book information fields.

This will add another box titled Book 2. Once again, fill out the details. This time when you want to add the book information to your post, you use this shortcode:

[book-info number="2"]

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