Adding a book review

Step #1: Configure your settings

If you haven't already, make sure you set up your book information layout the way you want. This is done in Ultimate BB » Book Information.

You also need to select your book review category in Ultimate BB » General Settings. Select the category that you will place all your reviews in.

Step #2: Create a new post

Go to Posts » Add New to create a new post (you can also edit an old one). Title your post (whatever you want), add it to your book review category, and save it as a draft.

Step #3: Fill in the book information

Scroll down to the Ultimate Book Blogger section. Fill in the details for the book (title, author, etc.). If you save the post as a draft, you may use the "Generate Data" tool to automatically fetch book details from Goodreads and/or Google Books.

Note: Some fields require that you enter the information in two places. An example is author. You need to enter the author name in the text box, and in the tag-style box in the sidebar on the right. This is only required if you want to enter more than one book per post. If you're only adding one book then you can skip the extra text boxes and only fill out the ones on the right-hand side.

Step #4: Write your review

Your review goes in the main post box at the top of the page.

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