Adding editions

Once you've added a book to your library, you can log which edition(s) of the book you own. Go to Book Library, click on a book to edit it, then scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see a table like this:

You can click on "Add Edition" to add a new edition. This will expand a list of fields for you to fill out.

  • ISBN or ASIN: Unique identifier for the book. Optional.
  • Format: The format you own. Options include: ARC, eARC, eBook, Hardcover, and Paperback.
  • Date Acquired: The date you acquired the book. Optional.
  • Source: How/where you obtained the book. Examples might include: Purchased, Library, Gift, NetGalley, From Publisher, etc.
  • Signed: Check the box if your copy of the book is signed.

Click the "Add Edition" button at the bottom to submit the new entry. It will then be added to the table. You may add as many editions as you like.

Each edition can also be edited or deleted.

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