[index-sortable] - Sortable Review Archive

Displays a searchable, sortable table of all your book reviews. You can use the 'columns' attribute to customize which columns get displayed on the page.

The columns appear based on which column names you have entered in the 'columns' attribute. They appear in the exact order you enter them.

List of column names:

  • cover – Displays the cover of the book.
  • title – Title of the book.
  • author – Author of the book.
  • series – Name of the series.
  • rating – The star rating you gave the book (in numeric format).
  • reviewer – Name of the WordPress user that reviewed the book.
  • genre – Genre of the book.
  • publisher – Name of the publisher.
  • date – Date the review was published.
  • number – What number book review this was.
  • year – Year the book was published.

Here's an example of how you could organize your columns:

[index-sortable columns="cover title author rating"]

The columns will then appear in that exact same order.

Optional Attributes

  • imagewidth – Width (in pixels) for the book cover image.

Example Usage:

[index-sortable columns="cover title author rating" imagewidth="50"]

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