Setting up review archives

Review archives can easily and automatically be set up by going to Ultimate BB » Tools and using the "Create Review Indexes" tool.

Simply check the indexes you want to create and click "Create Review Index Pages". Then the pages will be created for you automatically with the correct shortcodes.

Alternatively, you can set them up manually.

How to set up review archives manually

Each review archive is just a page. So the first step is to go to Pages » Add New and add a new page. You can call it whatever you want—it doesn't matter.

Then, in the main post box, you simply enter the shortcode of the review index you want to add. You can see a full list of indexes on the Ultimate BB » Shortcodes page in the "Review Indexes" section. Here are a few examples:

Reviews by Title


Reviews by Author


Sortable Archive


A-Z navigation

For all the review archives that include an A-Z list (like [index-title]) you can add an optional A-Z navigation at the top. It looks like this:

To add this list, add this extra shortcode above the review index shortcode:


If you want to show links to the number and/or symbol sections, add these extra parameters:

[index-navigation shownumber="yes" showsymbol="yes"]

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