[index-category] - Posts in a Category

Displays an A-Z archive of all posts in a specific category. This is useful if you want to display a list of all the guest posts you've done, or all your "Waiting on Wednesday" posts, or any other collection all from the same category.

The one required attribute is 'category' which should be the slug of the category you want to display posts from. So if you have a category called "Guest Posts" your slug is probably guest-posts. You can confirm this by looking in Posts > Categories.

You'd then use the shortcode like this:

[index-category category="guest-posts"]

Optional Attributes:

  • reviewer – The WordPress login name of the reviewer to get posts from. Leave blank to display posts from all users.
  • alphabet – true|false – Whether or not to display the A-Z letters. Defaults to true.

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