Adding reviews

This article covers the process of adding a review. If you'd like a definition of what the different review fields mean, see the article on review fields explained.

Reviews can be added three different ways:

  1. By clicking the "Add Review" link on a reading log.
  2. By going to Book Library > Reviews > Add New.
  3. While writing a blog post.

1. "Add Review" link on a reading log

Edit the book you want to review by going to Book Library, clicking on the book in question, and scrolling down to the "Reading Log" table. If you haven't already, add a reading log for the book. Once it's added to the table, you'll see an "Add Review" link like this:

Click the link. This will take you to the "Add New Review" page and will pre-fill four fields for you:

  1. Book ID. This comes directly from the book you were just on.
  2. User ID. This is filled with your ID number. It allows different user accounts on your site to create different reviews.
  3. Date Written. This is set to the current date / time.
  4. Your associated reading log. This is where the rating comes from.

2. From Reviews > Add New

Go to Book Library > Reviews and click the "Add New" button at the top of the page.

You will then be presented with a pretty empty page. You will manually have to fill out two fields:

  1. Book ID - Enter the ID number of the book this is a review of.
  2. Associated Reading Log - You'll first need to enter the book ID and save your review. Then you'll be able to select the associated reading log.

3. While writing a blog post

Go to Posts > Add New, or edit an existing post. Scroll down a bit and you'll see a table called "Book Reviews".

This table is empty right now, but the point of it is to show you all the book reviews that are associated with the post.

To add a new review, click the "Add Review" button. This will expand a search box allowing you to search your library for a book title or author. Enter a search query, click "Search for Book", then you'll see a list of results.

Click on a result to select it.

The plugin will then load a list of your reading logs for that book. Optionally, you can choose one of them to select.

Finally, click "Create Review". This will do two things:

  1. Create a new review record in Book Library > Reviews for the book you searched for and the reading log you selected (if applicable).
  2. It will also add the newly created review entry to the Book Reviews table.

If your chosen reading log has a rating associated with it then that will appear in the "Rating" column and in the [book] shortcode.

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