Adding book taxonomies

Book taxonomies are like custom fields. Book Database comes with three taxonomies built-in:

  1. Publishers
  2. Genres
  3. Sources

You may add as many extra taxonomies as you like. Examples might be "Shelves", "Tropes", "Themes", etc.

To add a new taxonomy, simply fill out the empty fields at the bottom of the table.

  • Name: The name of your taxonomy.
  • Slug: The URL-friendly version of your taxonomy. This will be pre-filled for you. It should be all lowercase and use hyphens instead of spaces.
  • Format: What type of field you want in the admin area - either checkboxes (like categories in WordPress) or a simple text box (like tags in WordPress).

Checkboxes look like this when adding/editing a book:

And text fields look like this:

If you're going to have a lot of different options ("terms"), then "Text" is recommended. Otherwise "Checkbox" is recommended.

Editing existing taxonomies

You can edit and delete existing taxonomies with a few exceptions:

  • The built-in taxonomies (publisher, genre, and source) cannot be deleted.
  • Slugs cannot be edited, so choose them wisely!

If you delete a taxonomy then this will also delete any terms that may have already been assigned to a book.

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