Displays an archive of your book reviews.


The following parameters may be added to the shortcode to change the output.

  • hide-future - Whether or not to hide reviews that have a Publish Date in the future. Default true.
  • per-page - Number of reviews to show per page. Default 20.
  • filters - Space-separated list of filters to include. Options are: book_title, book_author, book_series, rating, genre, publisher, review_year, orderby, order. You may also include the slug of any custom taxonomies. Default: book_title book_author book_series rating genre publisher review_year orderby order
  • cover-size - Book cover size to display. Options include: thumbnail, medium, and large. Default medium.


Change the number of reviews per page to 10:

[book-reviews per-page="10"]

Only include filters for book title, author, and series:

[book-reviews filters="book_title book_author book_series"]

Add a filters for a custom taxonomy shelves:

[book-reviews filters="book_title book_author book_series rating genre publisher shelves review_year orderby order"]

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