How can I edit or translate the plugin text?

If you want to change or translate a piece of text that isn't configurable via the settings panel then you can do this with the Say What? plugin. This plugin allows you to enter a piece of text you want to change, and the text you want to change it to.

Install and activate the plugin then go to Tools > Text Changes to add a new change. You'll see these fields:

  • Original String - The piece of text you want to change. This must be pasted exactly as it appears in the plugin, and you must include the full string of text even if you only want to change a single word. If you don't copy it exactly then the translation will not be picked up. If in doubt about what the full piece of text is, please get in touch via the support form.
  • Text Domain - This is just where you tell the plugin you're editing text from Ultimate Book Blogger. Enter "ubb" (without the quotes).
  • Text Context - Leave this blank.
  • Replacement String - This is what you want to change the text to. Enter anything you like.

Here's a complete example:

In this example %s is a placeholder for the rating value (i.e. "5 Star Books" or "4 Star Books"). Some pieces of text have placeholders like this, which is why you may need to get in touch with me to find out exactly what the original string is.

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