License key won't activate

If your license key won't activate, then there are two common reasons:

  1. You're entering an incorrect license key (perhaps one for a different product).
  2. You've reached your limit on number of activations. If you purchased a single site license then Ultimate Book Blogger can only be activated on one site at a time.

Here's how you can find your license key:

  1. Login to your Nose Graze account here:
  2. Click the "License Keys" tab and find your license key in the list. Make sure you copy and paste it correctly into Ultimate BB > License.

Under "License Details" you can also see how many sites the plugin has been activated on. If you want to check and update/change this list, click on "Manage Sites".

On the next page, you can forcibly deactivate the license key from any sites in order to allow for a new site to take its place.

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