Lists all your posts within a certain date range.


The only required attributes are one of the date options.

  • category — The name of the category to show posts from. Only posts in this category are included.
  • tag — The name of the tag to show posts from. Only posts with this tag are included.
  • notin — The name of a category. Posts in this category are excluded from results.
  • year — Enter a numerical year value. Only posts published during this year are included.
  • month — Enter a numerical month value (1 - 12). Only posts published during this month are included.
  • week — Enter a numerical week value (0 - 53). Only posts published during this week are included.
  • date — Enter a date, including the month and year. Example: January 2014. Only posts published during this month/year combination are included.
  • listtype — Type of list you want the results shown in. This can be either ul (for unordered list) or ol (for ordered list).
  • user — The login name of a WordPress user. If entered, only posts from this user's account are included in the results.

For the date options, you want to choose either date, or year + month, or year + week. Example:

[wrap-up-posts date="January 2016"]


[wrap-up-posts year="2016" week="0"]


[wrap-up-posts year="2016" month="1"]

Here's an example that would list all posts in the category "Reviews" during the month of May 2015, and only for the user account "bookreviewer" :

[wrap-up-posts category="Reviews" date="May 2015" user="bookreviewer"]

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