How can I add Amazon affiliate links automatically?

You can set up your purchase links so that your affiliate code gets added automatically. All you have to do is edit your Purchase Links Template.

Here's an example using

A normal purchase link

A normal, unmodified Amazon link might look something like this:

A normal purchase link template

A standard purchase link template (in Ultimate BB ยป Purchase Links) might look something like this for Amazon:

<a href="[link]" target="_blank">Buy on Amazon</a>

Add your affiliate ID to your template

All you have to do is add your affiliate ID name to the end of the link in the template. That way it gets added to every link automatically.

Using Simple Links

If you use the simple purchase links like this (when you paste the link into the Edit Post page):

Notice how there aren't long strings of crap on the end like:


Then you simply have to modify your template to look like this instead:

<a href="[link]YOUR-AFFILIATE-ID" target="_blank">Buy on Amazon</a>

Paste your affiliate ID code where specified.

Using Longer, Complicated Links

If you use messier Amazon links that look more like this:

Then it might be better to use this method in your template instead:

<a href="[link]&tag=YOUR-AFFILIATE-ID" target="_blank">Buy on Amazon</a>

Your final link with the affiliate code

After that, your final link in the post will look like this:

Or like this:

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