Configuring markup

What is it?

Enabling this feature will add markup to your reviews for ratings. It means that Google will show your star rating in the search results like this:

How to enable the feature

Navigate to Ultimate BB » Book Information and look for the section called Add Schema Markup. Switch that to "On" to enable the feature.

Notes about usage and conditions

Google may not pick up on all your old reviews right away. Eventually, Google will pick up the schema markup for your old posts, but it won’t happen immediately. Google will have to revisit/re-index all of your old reviews in order for them to pick up on the ratings. However, all of your new posts should have the stars applied immediately.

You can test to see if the schema markup is working by putting the URL of one of your blog posts into the Google Structured Data Testing tool. Only do this after you have properly configured it using the instructions above. If the tool shows the star ratings in the preview, that means it's working.

If your theme has other markup, the ratings might not work. I've found that if you have this markup nested inside other markup, it doesn't always work. This is out of my control since it's something that your theme may or may not apply.

Google now has more strict requirements for picking up complete book schema. They want you to include the book's ISBN and author website links. If those are not filled out then you may get errors in the structured data testing tool. See here for instructions on adding author bio links: About the Author Box.

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