Review Submissions

Installing the plugin

After you buy the plugin, you should receive an email receipt from Nose Graze. This email will contain a link to download a .zip file containing the plugin. Once you have the file downloaded, login to your WordPress site.

Navigate to Plugins » Add New and click on Upload. Select the .zip file from the upload link and press "Install Now". Once it installs, click "Activate" and then you're done.

Activating your license key

If you wish to enable automatic updates, you need to enter your license key. To do this, navigate to Ultimate BB » License. You'll see a new box there specifically for the Review Request License. Enter your key there and press "Save Changes". When the page reloads, you will need to click the Activate button below your license key. The key will not be activated until you click that button!

The settings panel

The settings for the Review Request add-on are located in Ultimate BB » Review Submissions. This is where you can configure the form fields and other settings.

Setting up form fields

The first thing you should do is decide which fields you want to appear on your submission form. You can do this by configuring the settings in Ultimate BB » Review Submissions. There’s a drag and drop interface for enabling and disabling form fields.

Required Fields

Two fields are required in order for the form to work:

  1. Book Title
  2. Book Author

You must have these fields in the "enabled" column.


Some of the form fields are headings. For example: "Heading #1" and "Heading #1". These headings are configurable HTML fields. You can add text or HTML to break up the sections. You enter the HTML for these boxes by hovering over one and clicking the blue "Edit Text" button. This will bring up a box where you can edit the text and HTML

The default text for "Heading #1" is:

<h2>Book Information</h2>

But you could edit that or add additional instructions. For example:

<h2>Book Information</h2>
<p>Please enter information about the book in the fields below.</p>

Adding the form to a page

To add the review submissions form to a page, simply create a new page and add the following shortcode in the post box:


This will insert the form.

Creating accounts for reviewers

In the settings panel, you are asked if you'd like to "Create Accounts for Reviewers". By default this is set to "no".

If set to "no"...

If set to "no", then people submitting reviews do not get their own WordPress account. Instead, you choose from a dropdown which account you'd like to be automatically assigned to all submissions. The reviewer doesn't necessarily have access to this account.

So, for example, you might create an account called "GuestReviewer". No one has access to this account, but all guest reviews are published under this account to separate those reviews from yours in the admin panel.

Unless you choose to manually create an account for your reviewers, they are given no admin panel access at all.

If set to "yes"...

However, if you choose YES, you want to create accounts for reviewers, then they are asked to register a WordPress account on your site before they can submit a review.

They need to register a new account (on the left) or login to an existing account (on the right) before they can access the Review Submissions form.

You can choose the rank the reviewer's account is assigned to so you can limit their access.

You can manually change this later on a per-user basis by editing their user account in the "Users" tab.

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