Flame Ratings

Installing the plugin

After you buy the plugin, you should receive an email receipt from Nose Graze. This email will contain a link to download a .zip file containing the plugin. Once you have the zubb-flame-ratings.zip file downloaded, login to your WordPress site.

Navigate to Plugins » Add New and click on Upload. Select the .zip file from the upload link and press "Install Now". Once it installs, click "Activate" and then you're done.

Activating your license key

If you wish to enable automatic updates, you need to enter your license key. To do this, navigate to Ultimate BB » License. You'll see a new box there specifically for the Flame Ratings License. Enter your key there and press "Save Changes". When the page reloads, you will need to click the Activate button below your license key. The key will not be activated until you click that button!

Displaying flames

You can display flame ratings with a simple shortcode:

[flame rating="five-flames"]

The list of possible parameters you can use are:

  • five-flames
  • four-half-flames
  • four-flames
  • three-half-flames
  • three-flames
  • two-half-flames
  • two-flames
  • one-half-flames
  • one-flame
  • half-flame
  • zero-flames

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