Eliza - Installing the Image Slider

An image slider is included with the Eliza theme. To activate it, visit Appearance » Theme Options and click the Image Slider tab. Once on that page, find the Activate Image Slider section and flip the switch to "On".

From here you have two options:

1. Add the slider to the blog page

You can add the slider to the blog page on the same settings page. Find the Add Slider to Blog Archive section and switch that to "On". Then you can choose where you want to display it: at the top of the page (spanning the full width), or inside the content area (just above the posts).

Choose your settings and save.

2. Add the slider to your static homepage

After activating the slider, click the Static Homepage tab. Inside the Layout section, find the "Image Slider" box. Make sure it's in the "Enabled" column and position it where you want. Then save.

Adding images to the slider

After finalizing your settings, you may need to refresh the page. Then you should see a new tab in the admin panel called Image Slider. Hover over that and choose Add New. Here's where you add a new slide.

Enter a title for the slide (only seen in the admin area), upload a slider image (click "Add slider image"), and you can enter a URL for the slide to link to.

When you're done, click Publish.

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