Noah - Set Up the Homepage Like the Demo

Create a new page

Create a new page called “Home” or “Homepage”. The name doesn’t really matter! But then, on the right-hand side, find the “Template” dropdown in the “Page Attributes” box. Select the template called Homepage and save your page.

Homepage template selected under Page Attributes

You’ll also want to create another page to use for the blog. Create a new page, name it whatever you like (such as “Blog”) and save.

Change the homepage to a static page

Navigate to Appearance > Customize. This will open the WordPress Customizer. Find and click the panel called “Static Front Page” and select the “static page” option. In the dropboxes below, set the Front Page to the “Home” page you just created. Then set Posts Page to the “Blog” page you just created.

If you want to use the image slider on the homepage (we use it in the demo!), make sure that is checked on.

Save your changes.

Start building the widgets

Close out of the customizer and go to Appearance > Widgets. You’ll see tons of new widget areas available! Here’s a diagram to explain how everything works together:

Noah homepage breakdown

Click image to enlarge

Here’s exactly how we've done it on the demo:

The image slider is enabled, and there is  no content entered in the page’s text box.

Homepage - Third #1

The  Noah Icon Box widget with the following settings:

Icon Name: fa-paint-brush

Title: Beautiful + Simple


One of our favourite things about the Noah theme is that there's only one image in the whole design. But it still feels extremely stylish and unique. It takes a lot of skill and attention to detail to create a beautiful design with nothing but CSS, and we're proud to offer that to you with Noah.<br><br><a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-block">Show me more</a>

Homepage - Third #2

The  Noah Icon Box widget with the following settings:

Icon Name: fa-plug

Title: Features You’ll Love


We've packed some pretty cool features into the Noah theme, while still keeping it simple and lightweight. Noah is a wonderful choice for a simple blogging theme or a business website. Take advantage of our homepage setup and simple testimonial feature to showcase your clients' experiences.<br><br><a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-block">Learn about the features</a>

Homepage - Third #3

The Noah Icon Box widget with the following settings:

Icon Name: fa-paper-plane

Title: Only the Best Support


When you purchase Noah, you get free support and updates for the lifetime of the product.We're not just here to make your site look beautiful but to also make setting it up feel effortless. We have a dedicated support ticket system you can use to get in touch with us if you have any questions or problems.<br><br><a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-block">Tell me about support</a>

Homepage - Full Width

The  Noah Callout widget with the following settings:

Title: {blank}



we help <span>passionate women</span> create the website they’ve always <span>dreamed</span> of /<span>buy this theme &raquo;</span>

Background Colour: #ea7286

Text Colour: #ffffff

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