Why won't my license key activate?

There are two main possibilities:

#1: Number of sites exceeded

Some products have restrictions on how many times your license key can be activated. For example, if you buy the "single site" version of a product, then your license key can only be activated on one site. You can still install the product on as many sites as you want, but you can only activate the license key on one site. That means you only get the automatic updates on one site.

#2: Your host doesn't support TLSv1.1+

In order to process your payments safely, the Nose Graze website has to be PCI Compliant. This means we follow a strict set of rules, regulations, and security measures in order to ensure our website is safe for processing payments.

One of those rules is that we don't allow connections through TLSv1.

However, some old hosts only support TLSv1. If your site tries to connect with shop.nosegraze.com (which it will, when activating a license key) but your host doesn't support cURL for TLSv1.1+, then your license key won't activate.

To confirm whether or not this is the problem, install the TLS 1.2 Compatibility Test plugin. Then go to Tools > TLS 1.2 Compatibility Test to see the results.

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