What kind of support do I get?

Here are a few examples of the things you  DO get help with:

  • How to install the product.
  • How to configure the settings panel.
  • How to get anything set up looking like the demo.
  • Fixing any bugs, problems, or anything that's not working as expected.
  • Configuring any features that are described on the sales page.

Here are some things I am  NOT able to help with:

  • General WordPress help that's not directly related to the product.
  • Fixing incompatible third party plugins or themes, due to the third party product not being coded correctly. (If it's specifically an issue with my product, I will do my best to look into it.)
  • Any customizations that cannot be done within the settings panel. Examples include:
    1. Custom CSS
    2. Editing the core plugin/theme files
    3. Adding/removing elements in a way that isn't supported in the settings panel.

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